Posted on mar 16, 2013


Vignarola is one of the typical Roman seasonal delicious dishes, this time of the year is the right one to make “vignarola”. The vegetables needed like: Roman artichokes, named “mammole”, fava bean, fresh onions, fresh peas, grow between March and April.

Ingredients: fava beans, Roman artichokes, fresh onions, fresh peas, bacon, olive oil, salt, pepper

Execution: peel the fava beans and the peas, remove the hard outers leaves of the artichokes and cut the hard parts, cut them in four slices and live them for ten minutes in water and lemon juice.
Put five spoons full of olive oil in a pan cut little peaces of bacon and fry a bit, add the fava, chokes and the peas, cover the pan and put the flame very low.
Clean and cut the fresh onions in big pieces, once the rest of the vegetables are half cooked add the onions, the salt if you like, and some pepper. I don’t add salt, for me the salt of the bacon is enough.

Paring wine: a wine can be combined with vignarola is the Sauvignon. Enjoy it and please let me know if you liked it


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