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Ancient Rome Tour
Coliseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Pantheon, St. Angel Castle…

According to an ancient prophecy as long as the Coliseum stands, Rome will stand. When the Coliseum collapses, Rome will collapse. When Rome collapses, the world will collapse.

Walking through the ruins of the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill, and the Coliseum the grandeur of Roman civilization will come to life with its refined entertainments, spectacles, secrets, political intrigues, and religious and triumphant celebrations. And after seeing the Pantheon, an immense and powerful round temple with a perfect hemispherical dome, you will realize why Rome has played a vital role in world history and civilization.
We will explore next the CASTEL SANT’ANGELO, built as a mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian, later converted into a Papal Fortress, with its ancient private Papal Apartment and terrace with a breathtaking view of Rome. It also contain the ancient prison and the “Passetto,” the Pope’s secret passageway.