Sistine Chapel Tour

Posted on mar 19, 2013

Finally after the Conclave and the election of the 226 Pope, the Sistine Chapel will be reopened to the public.
It will again be possible to admire two unique Michelangelo’s masterpieces, the Last Judgment and the Creation. The Creation was painted in only four years, Michelangelo started in 1508, the Pope Julius II who commissioned the decoration understood that Michelangelo had not only talent but he was a genius, that is the reason why the Pope was very tolerant with the temperamental artist.
According to historians Michelangelo wore a pair of boots that he did not took away until he completed the ceiling decoration, he did not want to work with Roman workers, not even eating the Roman food but the one send by his family from Tuscany. Usually he received cheese, olive oil, and other food easy to store. He felt he was a guest and a stranger in Rome, he did not like the “Eternal City”, he loved Florence.
The ceiling fresco was Michelangelo’s goal, no one had ever made something like that before, the genius made a revolutionary decoration but not without stress….. at one point he had to repaint a section of the ceiling due to technical problems with the cement and the natural color pigments, he started to early to paint on the wet cement, there is a balance between how long you have to wait before you can paint on the wet plaster, Michelangelo knew it, but for the plaster made in Florence and not the one made in Rome……