Rome Wine Tasting Tour

Posted on nov 26, 2012

“In Vino Veritas Est” In wine there is the Thuth (Pliny the Elder)

From Blak Sea to Greece to Italy, and with the Roman legionnaires the vine was widespread all over the Roman Empire, for the Romans planting a vineyard was extremely symbolic, once you plant a vine you need 3 years to harvest it, the message was clear, we will not get away. 78 european vines are the genetic great-grandchildren of those vines.

Spend a day in the Roman countryside visiting Tivoli Gardens or Hadrian Villa and an exclusive artisan Wine Estate.

Lazio Region for its volcanic soil, microclimate and geographical position is the perfect place for olive tree and vines production. In the town of Tivoli we will visit the Tivoli Gardens, masterpiece of the Italian architectural landscape, or the ruins of the Hadrian Villa, later in the day after a drive to the Castelli Romani resort area, (Roman Castles), famous for the Pope’s and Roman nobility summer homes, you will discover a very special wine estate owned by a well known Roman noble family. The property of 90 hectares, of wich about 64 to vineyards is where we will start the visit, you will learn about the terroir (soil, vine, climate, human factor) where the typical local vines such as: Sangiovese, Malvasia, Cesanese, Passerina, can survive. Right after in the cellar located in an ancient seventeenth building, you will get to know all about the secrets of the wine making process and finally the color, the scent and the flavor! “Nunc est bibendum” (Now we taste)

For Tivoli Garden and Hadrian Villa description, please see in the tour: Tivoli

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