Posted on feb 27, 2013


One of the typical dishes of the Roman cuisine are artichokes. There are two ways to cook it, or Roman style or Jewish style “alla Giudia”. In many typical Roman restaurants is possible to find good artichokes, of course in the Ghetto too, the quarter were the Roman-Jewish Kosher cuisine was born and where the history of the dish can be found. Artichokes “alla Giudia” are served hot and crispy! only the typical Roman ones can be used, the one named “mammola”

This is the recipe to make this simple tasty dish:
Remove the hard outer leaves of the artichokes and cut the stem down. Next, remove all the hard parts by cutting the artichokes in spiral movement from bottom to tip.
Soak them in a basin of water and lemon juice or about 10 minutes. Season the inside with salt and pepper, then dip the artichokes into very hot oil. Cook for about 1 minute and serve hot. Enjoy your meal!!

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