Posted on dic 26, 2012

Red Wines

Cold weather, a fireplace with the ipnotic fire, nice people to talk with watching the snow falling, your favorite music. A perfect atmosphere for a good glass of red wine, accompanied with some seasoned cheese, like: parmesan or  pecorino and salami, bread made with dark weat and some rosted chestnuts.
A red sipping wine that I love is the “Montiano” made 100% from merlot grapes (puro) produced by Falesco.
When you taste a  wine first of all you will have the visual examination, the limpidity, the consistency and the color. The colors of red wines are:
*Ruby red
*Orange red
After the visual examination you will pass to the olfactory analysis and finally the taste, by the visual and the olfactory analysis you can already tell if a wine is good!

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