Hadrian Villa

Posted on apr 26, 2012

Tivoli Villa Adriana Teatro Marittimo

A large Roman archaeological complex 20 miles east of Rome, the Villa in the II century A.D.

The Villa Adriana was  the retreat of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who disliked the Palace on the Palatine Hill in Rome. During the later years of his reign he governed the Empire from the Villa attended by a large court who lived there permanently.
A complex of 30 magnificent buildings covering an area of 250 acres, part of it still not exscavated, was the greatest Roman example of an Alexandrian garden, recreating a sacred landscape.
During the visit you will see some of the best preserved buildings like: the Canopus and Serapeus, the Maritime Theatre, the Thermae and more.
After Hadrian the Villa was used by his successors and during the decline of the Roman Empire was partially ruined.
In the XVI century the statues and marbles where taken to decorate the nearby Villa D’Este.
At present many of the art pieces are part of the art collections of the Capitoline Museum and the Vatican Museum.