From: Marcia Futter

Posted on ott 23, 2011

I just wanted to thank you again for helping our trip to Rome.
We had such a wonderful time, and it wouldn’t’ have been possible without your help and Teresa. thank you again for recommenid Teresa as a tour guide. We feel so blessed to have had her as our guide (expecially afetr we observed some of the other guides – not the the other were bad, but teresa just stands above the rest). She is really great. and we all enjoyed her tours, hes sense of humor and the passion and enthusiasm for Rome, its art and its history. The time we spent in Rome and in italy wa sall too short. You have a beautiful city and country and people, and we all can learn from italy’s wonderful passion for life.
Mille grazie!!! Tanti auguri e cordiali saluti.
Marcia Futter.