Posted on nov 24, 2012


  • Autumn is here with its warm colors and cooler days, perfect moment  for a hot meal and a good glass of wine….Seasonal food that mate perfectly with read wine are:


*Funghi porcini: the tasty mushroom grows in many areas of Italy. Are a delicacy, you will find this delight in the form of “fettuccine or risotto ai fughi porcini ” or in a sauce over the steak.
*Tartufo: truffles, another specialty from the Italian woods, very hard to find, thats why are very expensive, are served sliced over risotto or pasta, or on appetizer.
*Chestnuts: you can buy chestnuts call “marroni” from the street vendors, who are part of the Roman scenery from decades, a paper cone filled with large hot chestnuts is a fall must!
*Persimmon: persimmon in italian “cachi or loti” this soft fruit grows in mediterranean climate and are ready to be eaten only between September and December. When are mature the sweet pulp inside the shiny skin turns into a juicy jelly.

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