Posted on dic 19, 2012

The Temple of Gourmet Italian Food

Food in Italy is a religion. When the first McDonald  fast food opened in Rome by the Spanish Steps in 1986 the Romans protested. From  the other hand the Slow Food movement started in 1989, theyr filosofy is to preserve traditional and regional Italian cuisine, and 15 years later in Turin opened the first large store dedicated to top quality typical local food named Eataly, now has nine branches in Italy, nine in Japan and one in Manhattan. From past June Eataly is also in Rome, located in the spaces of the ex Ostiense Air Terminal, converted into the temple of gourmet food.
Something of the typical food you can find: a bakery that only uses natural stone-ground flour and natural yeast, piadine (Italian tortilla-sanwich), artisan beer, the best Italian olive oil from Sicily, and more.
If you go to Eataly, in the nearby district named Testaccio there are some interesting places to visit, one is the Montemartini Museum, where you can admire ancient Roman sculptures located inside an old power plant, the plant’s machinery provides such a stunning contrast to the art! another modern Art Museum, named MACRO is located inside an old ex slaughterhouse, and in the some area you can have dinner in one of the typical restaurants with typical Roman cuisine: Checchino, elegant with a great wine list, Felice, very nice ambient, Bucatino more simple, less expensive compared to the other two, but good food too!

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