Posted on gen 3, 2013

One of the most pleasant and funny things to do when you travel…

is a cooking class!
In the picture you can see me learning how to make sushi. Every time I learned how to prepare food I always enjoyed it very much, I love art and creativity, and food is both, is also a good way to get to know more about the people of the country you are visiting.  If you take a cooking lesson, no matter if you have never cooked in your life, try you will enjoy so much, you will learn more about the country and its inhabitants way of life. I am sure that in Italy is easier to get to know about people attitudes more quickly if you take a cooking class. Food for us is a big thing.
Italy is divided in 24 regions and in each one there are different food traditions, for example in northern Italy rise is appreciated more than pasta, and they make it better, butter in many recipes is used more than olive oil, in southern Italy many dishes are more spicy, and olive oil is the king of the recipes. If you can, try the typical food of the region in the place, is completely different, the “crostini with liver paté” are delicious only in Tuscany and Umbria. In Milan you can get the best “ossobuco and risotto”. In Rome the best “matriciana” and artichokes, and not only. In Naples the best pizza!! etc. You will learn also how sophisticated Italians are with food, for example when we buy a cake, we pick a certain good confectioner’s shop for each type of cake, not all of them are as good in the some store. For example in Rome you will find the best “millefoglie” by Cavalletti, the best “Sacher” by  La dolce Roma , etc.

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